Association of Chaplaincy Evangelical Team is committed to ministry of Evangelism in all part of the world. We believe our calling is to “Reach the Unreached with the gospel of Christ” as commanded in Mark 16:15


  1. Soul Winning: We commit to effective soul winning through open-air crusade, house to house evangelism, dawn broadcasting, Anagkazo and radio/TV programs
  2. Revival: To help quicken the spirits of backslidden Christians that we come across before, during and after outreach program and or missions
  3. Spiritual development: We develop ourselves spiritually through bible studies, fasting and prayers, frequent fellowship in sectors and membership involvement in program leading
  4. Discipleship and Mentorship: The association aims at mentoring and developing leaders and pastors to help enhance their various churches/group’s activities and provide opportunity to be trained and choose Mentors.
  5. Guidance and Counselling: The association also provide guidance and counselling for marriages, career, health and spiritual advices to members within and outside the group before, during and after our outreach programs
  6. Reach out to foster care/hospitals/prisons/schools We embark on periodic visitation to foster care, prisons and hospitals with materials such as food, clothing, drinks and cash donation and provide scholarship funds for members in need when required

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